Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Car

This is a Porsche 911, first registered in May 1997 at Isaac Agnew Official Porsche Centre in Belfast. Isaac Agnew was - and as far as I know still is - the only OPC in Northern Ireland.

Only 197 manual C2S cars were sold in the UK in 1997 - I wish I knew how many were metallic black but that information doesn't seem to be available. This car has the L744  paint code - Black metallic which in some lights has a hint of gold fleck in it. Amazing in direct sunlight, but very difficult (for me) to photograph well.

One of my favourite angles - a timeless design.....

This car has what is generally referred to as 'sports' seats which are leather fronted and carbon backed with a nice 'Porsche' insert on the seats. They are incredibly supportive - I have yet to find a car seat that offers the same combination of grip and comfort.

Another shot of the front quarter. Porsche's workhorse behind...

There are so many things I love about the 993 - especially the widebody and this is my third C2S in a row. There's just something extraordinary about them that I don't 'get' in modern sports cars. Admittedly on paper, they are slow compared to the modern day stuff, but they still feel so much faster - and in this day of SPECS cameras, Gatso's and camera vans, that can only be a good thing.

The 993 is a charming car. It has bizarre idiosyncrasies that you either love or hate. I love them. The obscured instruments, the need for double jointed elbows to operate the electric windows. The fact that the radio sits opposite the passenger - for me, these things are a joy. The focus was on the chassis, the remarkable engine; the driving experience as a whole. These cars are so well put together - nothing's built quite like it today. The clunk of the doors and the extra effort required to close them when the windows are shut - such a good seal! It is a true drivers car...

Front 3/4 from the other side this time!

This is the under bonnet / service book sticker detailing the options:

C16 UK LUX spec: tinted windows, metallic paint
235 Porsche approved tyres Bridgestone N2 or Pirelli N2
373 Left Sport Seat w/ Power Height Adjuster
374 Right Sport Seat w/ Power Height Adjuster
408 18" Technology Design Wheels [1996]
425 Rear wiper
567Windshield green graduated tint
573 Air conditioner
650 Sunroof

The sticker also shows the paint colour code - L744 Black metallic as well as SE which I believe refers to the Marble Grey leather.

In general terms, I believe in keeping the car as standard as possible. That said, there are a few minor modifications and improvements I've made which I've detailed on this blog.
Everything I've done, I've tried to make totally reversible, so that if someone else ultimately wanted to return the car to totally standard, it will be very straight forward to do so.